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The world needs more gay and lesbian love stories. Not tragedies, not porn- actual romance. 

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puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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   When you get this you have to publicly say 5 things you like about yourself and send it to 10 of your favorite followers :)

oh dang okay, 5 things! and omg thank you <3

  1. i wuv animals and animals wuv me
  2. i prone acceptance
  3. i ship all the things that are at least 1% shippable (like clara and journey blue in the newest dw episode)
  4. following your dreams is something really important to me and if i really want something, i won’t stop til i reach it, or i’ll at least try my best
  5. i love guys in panties? (it is a positive thing hehe)
Sep 1 22:08 ( 2 )

favorite fictional ladies  rae earl

Sep 1 22:05 ( 450 )

I L Y <333

Sep 1 22:02 ( 1 )
   how do u do the thing where ur sidebar thing changes pls tell me i must have it ;_; also i love ur blog and am jealous bc i was supposed to go to fan expo and couldnt bc money :( (im also from canada woop woop)

hey! here's the tutorial for multiple sidebars :)

and thank you so much! it sucks that you couldn’t go to fanexpo, i hope you can go next year though! (tbh i don’t have much money either hahaha, it’s mostly my credit cards and student loans, oops)

Sep 1 22:01 ( 3 )

angelslovesouffles replied to your post: angelslovesouffles replied to your pos…

I know, right! Like I have all the spn cons in Toronto and have gotten photos all 3 times but I was completely and utterly speechless. Also if you saw a girl dressed as Clara with purple glasses and gray purse that was me!

oh COOL :D i’m pretty sure i saw you haha :)

and yep, i’m right there with you!!

Sep 1 21:11

torodinson replied to your post: i’m crying over my eleven feels over m…

….I should start watching Doctor Who again XD

i’m totally gonna do that too soon haha

Sep 1 20:39 ( 2 )