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Sam’s hair is the perfect length for Dean to pull on while they have sex.

Sep 16 21:20 ( 68 )
Sep 16 21:18 ( 5280 )

I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.

Sep 16 21:04 ( 2504 )

[talking about what he spends the most time on when he goes on a date] Unfortunately, my hair. Sometimes, suddenly, there’s a different wave in there you might not want.

Sep 16 16:20 ( 1103 )


Merlin Cast Fest
Bradley James Week→ Day Two: Bradley + Twitter

I just started on Twitter because someone was pretending to be me, which was really annoying. The worst thing about it was that during the [football] World Cup, they predicted that Uruguay were going to win, which was ridiculous! I was like: Right, that’s it, I’m getting on Twitter. Having people think that my football judgement was so poor was offensive and so I had to put the record straight. I’m now @bradleyjames on Twitter. We’ll see how long that lasts before the vast amount of crazy messages I receive scares me away.

Sep 16 14:39 ( 404 )
Sep 16 12:30 ( 63 )



Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

Sep 16 8:40 ( 533967 )


arrow meme | six characters [3/6]

floyd lawton aka deadshot

Sep 16 4:50 ( 695 )


make me choose

anonymous asked: sebastian stan or misha collins?
Sep 15 23:43 ( 1192 )

@katiecassidy The Caity’s or Katie’s were killin it @caitylotz

Sep 15 23:42 ( 261 )